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Name Division Reg./Bn. Co./Btry. Years
CSM Robert Moeller 43rd 192 FA B 1949-1981
Richard Dickson 83rd 329th RCT B 1942-1945
Robert L. Parsons Jr. 83rd 331st IR F 1943-1945
Clark Brown 83rd 83rd Signal Corps Signal Corps 1942-1945
Gregory Cole 83rd 324th FA C 1943-1945
1st Lt. David M. Bell 83rd 453rd AAA 1943-1945
Michael S. Takach 83rd 330th B 1944-1945
Pat Di Giammerino 83rd 323FA Srvce. Btry. 1942-1945
Kenneth Murray 83rd 308th Medical Bn. 308th Medical Bn. 1943-1945
*Joseph Phillipone 83rd 331st IR G 1942-1945
Saul Gordon 83rd 330th IR HQ 1944-1945
**Jahue R Cantrell 83rd 331st IR F 1942-1945
Frank L. Brown 83rd 331st Regiment 2nd Bn HQ Co. 1942-1945
*Ansel N. Petersen 83rd 308th Eng. Bn. Co A 1944-1945
*Harry Haines 737th Tank BN C 1945
*Matthew Klosinski 83rd 330th IR C 1943-1945
*Steve Chicos 83rd 83rd Signal Corps 1942-1945
**Maurice Irvin Bowman 83rd 329th RCT I 1942-1944
John Good 83rd 453rdAA C 1944-1945
*Carter Morrow 83rd HQ 1942-1945
Harry T. Stone 83rd 329th RCT C 1942-1944
*Willard D. Bell 83rd 329RCT E 1942-1945
*Ralph H. Heupel 83rd 330th K 1944-1945
*George R. Hill 83rd 329th RCT HQ 1940-1945
**Chester W. Freeman 83rd 329th RCT G 1942-1944
***Robert C. Luckner 83rd 329th RCT 1942-1944
Francis Fisk 83rd 331st IR HQ 1943-1945
Ronald E. Surbaugh 83rd 331st IR HQ 1942-1945
Bill Howard 83rd 308th IR C 1942-1943
**Thomas D. Curry 83rd 331st IR F April 1944-December 1944
**James A. Larkin 83rd 308th Com. Eng. C 1942-16 December 1944
**Frank Askins 83rd 330 1942-10 March 1945
Joseph S. Camp 83rd 330th F Aug 1944-December 1944
**Michael Harris 83rd 331st Inf. F 1942-August 1944
**William Joyce 83rd 329th I 1943-1945
W.L."Bill" Russell 83rd 330th I 1943-1945
J.L. Boyd 83rd 308th Eng. Medics 1943-1945
*Robert Dale Beavers 83rd 329th C 1943-1947
Julius C. Goldman 83rd 330 F 1942-1945
Paul Hancher 83rd 308th Engrs. BN C 1942-1945
Sidney Barnett 83rd 330IR HQ 1944-1945
Leonard H. McGarvey 83rd 308Eng. B 1942-1945
Harry J. Kirby, Jr. 83rd 308th Eng. C 1943-1945
*William J. Daniel 83rd 323FA HQ 1926-29; 1933-1960
**Richard J. Bardin 83rd 329RCT ? 1942-1944
*Edgar J. Bowen 83rd 330IR H 1944-1945
*Samuel J. Bifano 83rd 324th Fld. Artlry. B 1942-1945
**Andrew Giannotti 83rd 324th Fld. Artlry. B 1942-1944
Lou Volpi 83rd 324th Fld. Artlry. A 1942-1945
**Joe Manqueros 83rd 330th ? 1942-Dec. 16, 1944
**Melvin W. Pokela 83rd 324th Fld. Artlry. ? ?-2 July 1944
**Richard Fuschillo 83rd 324th Fld. Artlry. ? ?-9 July 1944
**James C. Staggs 83rd 324th Fld. Artlry. ? ?-9 July 1944
**Daniel J. Dunn 83rd 324th Fld. Artlry. ? ?-6 August 1944
**Randale J. Whorton 83rd 324th Fld. Artlry. ? ?-3 September 1944
**Joe Watts 83rd 324th Fld. Artlry. B ?-21 October 1944
**Jerome E. Whitehead 83rd 324th Fld. Artlry. B ?-21 October 1944
**Frank J. Camardi 83rd 324th Fld. Artlry. B ?-21 October 1944
**Hugh J. Leonard 83rd 324th Fld. Artlry. ? ?-23 November 1944
**Joseph R. Citrock 83rd 324th Fld. Artlry. A ?-30 March 1945
Ernest Hampton Campbell Jr. 83rd 331st M 1941-1945
Eugene Moore 63rd 861st F.A. BN B 1943-1949
Fred C.Pearson 83rd 453rd. AAA (AW) Bn. B 1942-1945
Lt. Elmer Horton 83rd 453rd AAA (AW) 1942-45
Richard Gibbons 83rd 329th C 1943-1945
Sgt. Henry Porterfield 83rd H 1943-1945
Robert E. Weir 83rd 331st E 1944-1945
*Albert Odel 83rd 329th D 1945-1946
Harry "Ugg" Doane 83rd 128 Ord Med Mntn Co 1943-1945
Sgt. Harold W. Steiner 83rd 330IR D July 11, 1944-November 21, 1945
George R. Chemsak 83rd 329th I 1942-1945
*Warren Edward Palmer 83rd 2nd ? 1939-1945
William Law 83rd 324 FA Hdq. 1944-1945
Denver Detillion 83rd 331st G 1942-1945
Stanley R. Balut, Sr. 83rd 330th HQ 1944-1945
*Harold F. Hamm 83rd 329th "Buckshot" Regiment ? 1942-1945
**James P. Davis, Jr. 83rd 330th Inf. 1st Bn. Medical 1944
*Adolfo S. Romo 83rd 329th Inf. Regt. HQ 1944-1945
John A. Aller 83rd 331st F, H ?
Clayton N. Sullivan 83rd 330th ? 1944-1945
Charles Madison 83rd 329th E 1942-1945
Elmer Hassebrock 83rd 329th E 1944-1946
Bailey Skinner 83rd 329th E 1941-1944
*James Freeman 83rd 329th E 1942-1945
Wayne Fall 83rd 329th E 1943-1945
Ben Stoksowski 83rd 329th E 1943-1946
Richard Hawes 83rd 329th E 1944-1946
Ernie Friske 83rd 329th E 1944-1946
Mark Singray 83rd 329th E 1942-1946
Emory Culcasure 83rd 329th E ?
Robert Crow 83rd 329th E 1942-1945
Carroll Brown 83rd 329th E 1943-1945
William Ledger 83rd 329th E 1943-1945
George E. Bartram 83rd 329th HQ ?
**James Ort 83rd 330th ? 1940-1944
Ernest Hampton Cambell Jr. 83rd 331st M 1940-Feb. 1950
*Walter Korszniak 83rd 83rd Recon. ? 1942-1945
*First Sgt. Donald H. Brice 83rd 329th Regtl. HQ 1941-1945
Glenn A. Rayburn 83rd 331st Regt. I 1944-1945
*Frank G. Pfleger 83rd 329th Inf. G 1944-1945
Walter L. Arnold 83rd 329th AT (Anti-tank) 1942-1945
**Charles A. Tudor 83rd 330th, 1st Batallion HQ 1942-1944
*Keith Weisenburger 83rd 330th AT ? 1942-1945
Stan Bielen 83rd 331st 1st Bn. Hdqs. 1943-1945
Matt O. Adams 83rd 330th L Oct. 1942-Sept. 1945
*Charles P. Mobley 83rd 331st/2nd Battalion G/Medic 1943-1945
Willard D. Lockart 83rd 329th/2nd Battallion E 1942-1945
Charles Abdinoor 83rd 330th/1st Battallion B&A Company 1944-1945
Fiori J. Gallucci 83rd 331st K 1942-1945
Bobby Joe Russell 83rd ? ? 1943-1945
*Melvin G. Weesner 83rd 322nd Field Artillery ? 1943-1946
**PFC Clarence D. Self 83rd 331st ? 1944-1945
Emil Wehling 83rd 330th Reg. Hdqs. 1941-1945
*Roland J.G. Despres 83rd 331st B 1943-1945
Ted Guzek 83rd 331st A 1943-1945
Joseph DePeri 83rd 330th F 1943-1946
Manny Epstein 83rd 331st K 1943-1945
Frank Reichmann 83rd 331st 1st Bn. Hdqs. 1943-1945
Charles Sihlanick 83rd 322nd FA A 1942-1945
Andy Socha 83rd 330th Co. I 1943-1945
Kingdon Meyers 83rd 330th RCT C 1941-1945
*James Bowie 83rd 330th B 1943-1945
*Sgt. Fred Rein 83rd 330th K 1943-1945
Denver Detillion 83rd 331st G 1942-1945
Isaac Pratt 83rd 330th Anti-Tank Company 1944-1946
*Paul M. Martonick 83rd 329th B 1944-1945
Joe Saiz 83rd 329th ? 1944-1946
Sgt. John Kujawa 83rd 330th K 1942-1945
Dorsey Price 83rd Recon. Troop ? ?
*Sammy Lee Wilson 83rd 329th ? 1944-1945
**Bernard James Flick 83rd 329th 1945
Robert W. Mobley 83rd 329th Medics 1942-1945
**First Lt. Paul Baringer 83rd 323rd FA A 1942-1944
*PFC Francis Willis Robinson 83rd Signal Corps ? 1943-1945
Anthony F. Viglione 83rd 330th I ?
*Peter Sansone 83rd 330th A June 1944-January 1945
John D. Raikos 83rd 329th Infantry 1942-1945
Thelmer A. Cline 83rd 329th 453rd. aw. aaa 1942-1948
**Donald L Books 83rd 329th ? 1944
**Marvin Wilson 83rd 330th IR ? 1942-1944
**Gustave A. Feldhause 83rd 308th ? ?
*Gerald C. Schnelker 83rd 330th ? 1942-1945
*Patrick "Frank" McDonald 83rd 329th B October 15, 1943-December 2, 1945
**E.R. Storaasli 83rd 329th ? 1942-1944
Buford B. Crouch 83rd 330th I 1941-1945
Albert Vartanian 83rd 330th Charley Co. 1943-1945
Anthony F Kleppner 83rd 329th Hqs Co. 329 Message Center 1942-1945
Ralph Orton 83rd 330th L ?
*Harold W. Moore 83rd 331st M ?-?
Clifford W. Snyder 83rd 330th C 1944-1945
Michael G. Liguori 83rd 329th B 1944-1945
Joseph Harrington 83rd 324th FA Bn B 1942-1945
William Nickell 83rd 329th IR F ?
Anthony F. Viglione 83rd 330th I 1941-1945
*Julius E. Murray 83rd 329th IR K 1944-1945
*David L. Leusner, PFC, PH OLC 83rd 330th C 1944-45
*Willard J. Caywood 83rd 329th "Buckshot" K 1943-1945
Bernard Mendlesohn 83rd 308 Eng. Bn. C ?
**Benjamin P. Pulcini Sr. 83rd 329th Inf Reg I 1943-1944
*William T. Oliver 83rd 331st ? 1943-1945
*Frank Bessinger 83rd Med Detachment HQ 1944-1945
L.T. Money 83rd 329th L 1944-1945
**Noah Wilburn Johnson 83rd 330th G 1943-1944
**Harold Sommers 83rd 330th Charly Company ?
Carl K. Johnson 83rd 324th FA Btln. Battery ?
Warren Rangnow 83rd 783rd Ord. Co. 1942-1945
*Robert M. Stulley 83rd 330th H 1943-1945
*Anthony Kollenberg 83rd Signal Corp. 1942-1945
*John DeFebbo 83rd 322nd B 1942-1945
**Edward F. Zabech 83rd 329th D 1944
Claudale A. Barnard 83rd 330th C 1943-1946
Guy J. Scalzitti 83rd 331st L 1944-1945
Max Weitzenhoff 83rd 330th Hq Bn 1st BN S2 Sect 1944-1945
Walter W. Lemaster 83rd 329th Inf. Reg. Sv. Co. 1942-1945
*PFC James Lasowski 83rd 330th ? 1943-1945
**Fred D. Turner 83rd 330th IR F ?
Charles J. Lussier 83rd 331st Reg. A.T. Co. 1942-1945
*James J. Doyle 83rd 33rd ? 1943-1945
*Clayton Mees 83rd 330th M 1943-1945
***Donald Broman 83rd 746th Tank Battalion ? 1942-1944
Max Matijczyk 83rd 329th F 1942-1945
Charles Heckler 83rd 331st F 1942-1945
Raymond Myers 83rd 330th ? ?
*Clate Whitson 83rd 331st Med. Battalion 1944-1945
Francis "Barney" Hovey 83rd 329th 3rd Bat. Co L 1943-1945
**C. Ross Sullivan 83rd 329th ? 1944
*James Gavin 83rd 453rd AAA B Bat. 1943-1945
*PFC Loren Hunt 83rd 1st 1942-1945
Robert W. Rogerson 83rd 453rd AAA A 1943-1945
LeRoy Dillon 83rd 3rd Battallion, 330 Reg. I 1943-1945
*James Gavin 83rd 453rd AAA B 1943-1945
*Richard C. Kortemeyer 83rd ? ? ?
James J. Boyle 83rd 802nd Tank Destroyer ? 1942-1946
Robert F. Moore 83rd 329th L 1942-1945
William Furno 83rd ? ? 1944-1946
*Wetzel E. Jeffrey 83rd 329th HQ 1942-1945
Robert B. Gangnath 83rd 330th Regt. A ?
*Raymond P. Halvorsen 83rd 908/322 FA/BN 1942-1946
Carl Moeller 83rd 329th B ?
Willard Rogers Wenrich 83rd 331st ? ?
Irvin L. Husson 83rd 329th "Buckshot" B 1944-1945
**Ed Hart 83rd 329th, 2nd Battalion G 1944-1945
**Charles H. Schaube 83rd 323rd Service Battery ?-?
Capt. Edward Burr II 83rd ? Division Artillery 1943-1945
Leo Stearns 83rd 331st D 1943-1946
*"Bubbles" Hathaway 83rd Signal Corp. ? 1942-1945
*Albert Jay Cottle 83rd 331st H 1944-1945
Erwin Hawk 83rd Signal Corp. ? 1942-1945
**John L. Hyatt 83rd 331st ? 1944-1945
*John Sterling 83rd Signal Corp. ? 1942-1945
Joseph Gallo 83rd 329th L 4th Platoon 1944-1945
Ludger Lizzote 83rd Signal Corp. ? 1942-1945
Philip J. Roselle 83rd 308th Med. Btn. D 19 Apr 1944-27 May 1945
Robert Stotzer 83rd Signal Corp. ? ?-?
**Shearon Hutton 83rd 329th F 1942-1944
*Virgilio Rea 83rd 330th H 1943-1945
A. Edward Muhl 83rd 330th ? 1942-1945
LeRoy C. Rock 83rd 323rd Field Battalion B ?-?
*Albert J. Cottle 83rd 331st Regiment H 1943-1945
**Thurman G. Hill 83rd 329th ?-6 Aug 1944
**Orson L. Gold 83rd 330th ? 1944-1945
Gerald Mack Turner 83rd 324th FA B 1942-1945
**Howard Fenton Stover 83rd 331st Inf. Reg. Co. C, Medic. 1943-1944
Mike Benton 83rd 330th M 1943-1945
**Guy Edward Hodge 83rd 331st K 1942-4 July 1944
Gilbert R. Earls 83rd 329th G & H 1942-1945
*John F. Petrie 83rd 330th IR F, IR, B 1944, 1945
*Chester Ratusz 83rd 331st Medic ?-?
Henry Gettman 83rd 83rd Recon, HQ HQ, Disp Persons 9 Jul 1945-25 Feb 1946
Sgt. John Fleischer 83rd 331st, 2nd BA H 1942-1945
Anthony Torrieri 83rd 331st Regt. L 1943-1946

* - Deceased
** - K I A
*** - M I A

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